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Tech Fatigue

Tech fatigue is growing, keeping print in the mix is key to retaining your ‘cool’.

Emerging today are consumer groups who have never known a world without the internet, mobile phones and email. Yet are these generations the most supportive of digital communications or is there a wave of change? Trends analysis predict it is the ‘digital generations’ that are switching off – they are ‘de-teching’. The latest buzzword defines tech fatigue as gen-Y consumers, whilst digitally savvy and fluent, are putting down their digital devices and opting for the experience, the nostalgia and the privacy of reality. For marketers, this means keeping physical in their mix to remain connected and achieve good ROI.

Download this ready-designed PDF full of the latest research. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.


Return on Investment

Understanding the customers’ path to purchase provides marketers and media buyers insight into the customers’ purchasing journey. Determining which media channel is most useful to the customer when making purchasing decisions tells us what media mix delivers the best sales outcomes. Consideration to the customers’ path to purchase provides invaluable insight.




Canberra Centre used catalogues to drive sales and lift brand equity Canberra Centre wanted to position themselves as leaders of health and wellbeing in the ACT by creating the wellness sanctuary, Eden, within the shopping centre. How they did it To spread the word about Eden, the centre produced the ‘Eden’ booklet featuring expert advice and hero products that could assist shoppers in maintaining a healthy work/life balance The booklet was delivered to 47,000 targeted females and males between 25-54 years of age with an interest in healthy living Content from the booklet was repurposed and featured on the Centre’s blog, which fed through to social channels and e-newsletters The results 1,000 masterclass attendees 143% lift in blog views 7% increase in Centre traffic 9% lift in Centre sales   Download this ready-designed PDF to access the full case study. VoPP gives you our blessing to use or rebrand the content to help you communicate the value of paper and print now.

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